Grocery list 2.0 and joint to-do lists

The traditional grocery list has several serious limitations:

  1. When you remember in the bus that you’re out of toilet paper, the list is at home.
  2. Only one person can use a physical paper list at a time.
  3. It’s really easy to forget the list at home when you go to the store because you might often go there e.g. on your way back home after work.

In spring 2012 our everyday processes were taken to the next level once again, as we discovered an app with which we can share to do lists. An electric grocery list was namely the answer to all our problems:

  1. You always have it with you on your mobile phone. So you can add items immediately when they pop into your mind – both at home and outside it.
  2. We can both use the list simultaneously and add the products that are important to us in the list.
  3. The list is always with you and always updated so that whoever goes shopping next can buy everything that’s needed.

Currently we are using an app called Wunderlist (available for both iOS and Android) where we assemble the grocery list. In addition we have used the app to create e.g. joint packing list for trips or menus for dinners or brunches with friends.

We both are – of course – in addition actively using our own to do list apps with which we manage our everyday tasks.(Todoist, see blog post here) To me, it’s simply neater to have two separate apps for two separate purposes, but you could of course use either for everything. We didn’t use to have too much need for joint to do list but nowadays we have two joint lists: one for joint tasks (e.g. chores to be taken care of or blog posts to be proofread) and one for blog ideas. We also had a separate project to do list for our wedding a couple of years ago. The main point of to do list is to calm your mind so that you don’t have to worry whether you have forgotten something. That’s why joint to do lists are a great way to calm both of your minds 🙂